Talk Bio combines scientific and commercial services to support our clients and their in-house R&D teams and to execute against their commercial business goals and strategies. 


Commercial services assist our biotechnology and life sciences clients to develop synergistic business alliances, set up distribution chains, find new customers, and open new markets.  


To explore how we can work together to support your in-house R&D and help you advance your commercial business strategies, please get in touch if you have a need. 




With a proven track record of platform and technology commercialization, we create and execute a success plan which includes identification of key potential opportunities and synergistic collaborations, engagement of decision makers, and implementation of strategies for the development and licensing of your products, services, and novel technologies via a portfolio of strategic partnerships.


Our commercial support team helps biotechnology startups, university spinouts and small to medium life sciences enterprises, to locate, engage and develop business to business alliances, establish global distribution chains, and find customers in all applicable markets for their unique products, services, and technologies in Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America.