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Life Sciences

Talk Bio combines scientific and commercial services to support our clients and their in-house research and development (R&D) teams and to execute against their commercial business goals and strategies.  Our team of ex-pharmaceutical scientists and partners provides support to biotechnology and pharmaceutical R&D groups, delivering data in support of decision making for successful and cost-effective development of novel treatments and new technologies.    

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Our experienced team all have scientific backgrounds as internal service providers at major pharmaceutical companies.  We are therefore able to provide contract research services leveraging our experience with quality systems, contingency planning and project management.  

Products & Services

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3D Scans
Image Analysis
Deep Learning Algorithms


The data we generate targets key questions in the drug development processes, such as proof of principal, proof of mechanism, relevancy of the chosen drug targets, drug binding properties, effectiveness of the drug in preclinical treatment studies of mechanistic and pathology-associated biomarkers, safety liabilities and manifestations. We facilitate translational research with comparative analyses between the human disease state and the corresponding preclinical models and can provide support for the development of PET imaging ligands.


Digital image analysis services range from basic haemotoxylin and eosin (H&E) annotations and measurements to bespoke identification, localization, quantification,  spatial analysis and deep-learning algorithms for multiplexed biomarker studies, including immuno-oncology, neurology, and  infectious disease panels. We provide development, optimization and validation for any nucleic acid and protein biomarker imaging assay. 

Science Lab


Ethically sourced and IRB/IEC approved with informed consent, we provide human diseased and normal tissues, biofluids and cells from over 100 global clinical sites in Europe and the USA. Retrospective samples include FFPE tissue blocks, FFPE tissue microarrays, plasma, serum, cerebrospinal fluid and more.  Prospective collections include fresh, frozen and FFPE tissues, blood and blood products and all biofluids, sourced according to your exact project specifications, clinical inclusion and exclusion criteria.   


Tissue processing, block sectioning and slide staining with traditional H&E and specialist histology stains. Digital pathology with whole slide scanning allows remote access and team annotation of slides. Pathology and peer reviews are performed by US and European board certified pathologists.  Complimentary molecular biology screening services available, including but not limited to, PCR and NGS.  

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