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Our consultants have over 50 years of specialised histology experience and our company focuses on helping customers with their important targets, from basic research and screening, to multiplexed biomarker studies.  We offer cutting edge products and services featuring US and EU accreditation to provide the results you need quickly and within budget.  

All of our samples and biomarker services are available individually or we can manage your entire project's sample acquisition, processing and downstream testing. We provide exactly what you need to support your project.  Once underway we move quickly to meet your critical timelines and provide secure cloud-based project updates as each important milestone is completed.  

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Our experts have over 50 years of specialised histology experience within the NHS and private sector.  We provide tissue processing, block sectioning and slide staining with traditional haemotoxylin and eosin (H&E) and other specialist histology stains. Digital pathology enabled with whole slide scanning allows remote access and team annotation of slides. Pathology and peer review are performed by a board certified pathologist.  Complimentary molecular biology screening services include NGS and RT-qPCR.     


A-Z of human biomarker assays from Alzheimer's disease to Zygomycosis, we provide development and optimization for any nucleic acid and protein biomarker assay.  Digital image analysis from basic H&E annotations and measurements to bespoke identification, localization, quantification and spatial analysis algorithms for multiplexed biomarker studies including immuno-oncology, neurology, and  infectious disease panels.



Ethically sourced and IRB/IEC approved with informed consent, we provide human diseased and normal tissues, biofluids and cells from over 80 global clinical sites in Europe and the USA. Retrospective samples include FFPE tissue blocks, FFPE tissue microarrays, plasma, serum, cerebrospinal fluid and more.  Prospective collections include fresh, frozen and FFPE tissues, blood and blood products and all biofluids, sourced according to your exact project specifications, clinical inclusion and exclusion criteria.   


We provide hypoxia workstations that regulate the oxygen environment using the partial pressure of oxygen (mmHg or kPa).  Our approach eliminates errors due to atmospheric pressure variations or geographical altitude and sets the benchmark for the most accurate hypoxia workstation available.  A fully humidified, temperature and CO2 controlled environment is achieved in less than 15 minutes from switch-on.        


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