Squamous cell carcinoma

Squamous cell carcinoma

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Patient ID: 22812, Format: FFPE, Type: Metastasis, Sample Vol mL: , Gender: Female, Age: 53, Race: Caucasian, Ethnicity: Slavic, Organ: Head&Neck, Clinical Diagnosis: Nasopharynx cancer, Pathological Diagnosis: Squamous cell carcinoma, T, N, M = T3, N0, M0, Grade: G1, Stage: III, Lymph Node Metastases: no, Distant Metastasis: no, Tumour = 15%, Necrosis = 0%, Hours & Minutes before fixation in formalin = 0'10", HIV = Neg, HEP B = Neg, HEP C = Neg, Patient's Height: 170cm, Patient's Weight: 94kg, Current Medications: no, Smoking: Yes, Smoking Type: Cigarettes, Smoking Pack/Day = 1, Smoking Duration Years = 4, Smoking When Quit: , Alcohol: no, Drug Use: no, Hormonal Therapy: no, Prev Chemotherapy: no, Prev Radiation: no, Current Procedure/Operation: Resection, Date of Procurement: 23-Oct-2019, Country of Collection: Ukraine
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